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Introduction and Summary

Study Background
Scope of the Problem
Complex Technical Landscape
Need for Preservation Education
The Copyright Conundrum
Saving our Recorded Sound Heritage

1. Sound Recording Collections: An Overview of Preservation and Public Access in the Twenty-first Century

Scope of Recorded Sound Collections
Learning from Bloomington
Recorded Radio Collections and Archives
An Example of Preservation in Practice: The WWOZ Collection
Record Company Archives
Privately Held Collections of Commercial Recordings
The Views of Scholars and Other Users
Contemporary Recording Formats
Overcoming Barriers to Audio Preservation

2. Technical Issues in Digital Audio Preservation

Consensus on Recommended Practices and Issues to be Resolved
Repositories and Long-Term Storage
Immediate Solutions for Preservation
Best Practices and Best-Possible Practices
The Application of Science
Perpetuating the Craft of Preservation
Conservation and Material Science

3. Development of Curricula in Recorded Sound Preservation and Archives Management

Scope and Objectives of Education in Recorded Sound Preservation
Designing a Curriculum

4. Preservation, Access, and Copyright: A Tangled Web

Preservation and Access
Copyright and Access
Preservation Issues and Section 108 of the Copyright Act
Educational Use, Fair Use, and Digital Rights Management
Copyright, Preservation, and the Public

Appendix A. National Recorded Sound Preservation Study: Announcement of Study and Public Hearing (November 2006)

Appendix B. Report of a Task Force Discussion to Define Prerequisites, Core Knowledge, and Graduate Educational Directions for Sound Preservation Professionals, and to Review an Annotated Bibliography of Audio Preservation Resources

Appendix C. Obstacles to Access and Preservation of Recorded Sound

Appendix D. Folk Collections in Crisis Report: Concluding Discussion and Recommendations

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