Pre-workshop statement of objectives

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The Stanford Workshop will focus on crafting fund-able plans for creating tools, processes, and vehicles to expedite a disruptive paradigm shift in the work flows, data stores, and interfaces used for managing, discovering and navigating the knowledge and information resources that fuel scholarship and research.

The goal is identifying knowledge management capabilities and specifying designs for requisite new components, mechanisms, environments, and communities that will:

  1. move beyond current metadata practices based on discrete, distributed, and replicated database records;
  2. precipitate a new family of methods and tools to replace today’s metadata records with an array of emergent, open, link-driven metaservices **
  3. rapidly expand the breadth, density, and reliability of well-curated identifiers and links associated with the publications, data, manuscripts, documents, artifacts, and other resources available via the services and holdings of the world’s national+research libraries, museums, archives, and other science, social science, and cultural heritage institutions; and
  4. provide for continuous improvement in the quality and density of link-driven navigation and discovery capabilities through provision of open, managed feedback and annotation by individuals and communities who seek, gather, consume, and build content in the course of their reading, teaching, learning, scholarship, research, and other knowledge-based activities.

** the term metaservices was derived from John Battelle’s post, also referenced here

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