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AdaptiveBlue CrunchBase

Adaptive Path Mozilla browser futures and here (Aurora)

Aduna technologies

ai-one home (semantic system ag )

Aurora Mozilla browser futures (Adaptive Path )


Calais, openCalais home and Wikipedia

Cambridge Semantics home

clark&parsia software & services

Cyc, openCyc about and open


Dapper about and here (from Yahoo)

DataMarket about and list of data market companies/projects

DBpedia about

DBTune about

Drupal RDF/RDFa

Dryad about


Evri about and Wikipedia (acquired Twine)

Exalead software (LOD2 partner)


FactForge about

Faviki about

Foursquare about (venue geodata)

Freebase acre and here

Freebase graphd and here (proprietary technology)


Gephi about

Gridworks now (Google Refine )


hakia about

Highwire Press about


iGlue about and

infochimps about

inform about

iQser about


Kasabi about (Talis entry in data market)


Library Technologies Inc. about (authorities)

Lotico2 about


mendeley about and here


Ontoprise about and here and here

Ontos about

ontotext about and here and here

OntoWiki about

openCalais, Calais home and Wikipedia

openCyc, Cyc about and open

OpenLink Software commercial and open source Virtuoso

OpenUpLabs about (TSO )


Phase2 openPublic (Drupal) about and here

protégé about


Refine about was (Freebase Gridworks)

revelytix about


Samizdat Drafting Co. stunning graphing software library about and here and here and here

ScholarLynx about Microsoft Research prototype

SciencePipes about

semantic system ag home (ai-one )

Semantic Web Company about and here

Semantico about

Semanticweb about and here

Sindice about and here (DERI, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, OpenLink Software)

Structured Dynamics about and here Bergman & Giasson

Synaptica about


Talis about and here and Nodalities and Aspire and Kasabi and Research

TenForce about (an LOD2 partner)

TextWise about

TopQuadrant about (TopBraid)

True Knowledge about and Wikipedia


uberblic about and here


Zemanta about and here and Wikipedia

Zepheira about and here

Zetoc about (access to BL’s electronic table of contents)

Zotero about and Wikipedia

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