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Appendix B: Suggested Readings

A report from a previous, related workshop

Davis, James R., and Judith L. Klavans. “Workshop Report: The Technology of Terms and Conditions.” D-Lib Magazine, June 1997. Available from

Core background materials for workshop on April 6

Arms, William Y. “Implementing Policies for Access Management.” D-Lib Magazine, February 1998. Available from

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Stefik, Mark. “Trusted Systems.” Scientific American, March 1997. Available from

Wiseman, Norman. “Implementing a National Access Management System for Electronic Services: Technology Alone Is Not Enough.” D-Lib Magazine, March 1998. Available from

Related background readings

Arms, William Y., Christophe Blanchi, and Edward A. Overly. “An Architecture for Information in Digital Libraries.” D-Lib Magazine, February 1997. Available from

Bide, Mark. “In Search of the Unicorn: The Digital Object Identifier from a User Perspective.” A report for the British National Bibliography Research Fund, November 1997. Available from

Cross-Industry Working Team. “Managing Access to Digital Information: An Approach Based on Digital Objects and Stated Operations.” May 1997. Available from

Garrison, William V., and Gregory A. McClellan. “Authentication and Authorization, Part 2. Tao of Gateway: Providing Internet Access to Licensed Databases.” Library Hi Tech vol. 15, no. 57–58 (1997): 39–54.

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Machovec, George. “User Authentication and Authorization in a Networked Library Environment: Alliance Issues.” November 1997. Available from

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