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Library of Congress National Digital Information
Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP)

Network of partners goals:

  • Develop a national digital collection and preservation strategy
  • Build a network of preservation partnerships
  • Explore protocols and standards to support partnership operations
  • Help identify and preserve at-risk digital content
  • Support the development of tools, models, and methods for digital preservation

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Partners

•      California Digital Library: Web political content

•      Emory University: Southern digital culture

•      UC Santa Barbara: Geospatial Data

•      NC State University: Geospatial Data

•      U of Maryland: business records

•      U of Michigan: Social science data

•    U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: State government publications, among other content

•      WNET/PBS: Digital television

Technical architecture:

•      Architecture is a framework to guide the development of a national preservation network

•      Design principles:

–       Support institutional relationships

–       Separate
preservation and access

–       Construct

–       Assemble over time, not all at once

–       Upgrade parts without disruption of the whole

–       Use broadly adoptable standards and protocols

Preservation research:


Current status

  • Received over 60 proposals in response to NSF Program Solicitation
  • Two peer-review panels made up of digital preservation experts from around the world helped identify excellent proposals
  • LC and NSF will announce awards shortly
  • Funded projects expected to produce useful results within a year



Expected Outcomes of NDIIPP:

  • a clearer definition of the roles and responsibilities of partners in the preservation network;
  • the establishment and deepening of relationships among key partners in the private and public sectors and including international institutions;
  • the clarification of intellectual property issues that impede preservation, together with recommendations to address them;
  • the creation of an advanced design for the digital architecture;
  • the identification of a next set of investments to advance NDIIPP goals;
  • the encouragement of an advanced research agenda for preservation of digital content; and
  • raised awareness among key stakeholders and the general public about the challenges and opportunities of digital preservation.

Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

It’s About Time: Research Challenges in Digital Archiving and Long-Term Preservation

Abby Smith, Director of Programs, Council of Library and
Information Resources

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