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Managing Digital Assets: A Primer for Library and Information Technology Administrators

February 4–6, 2005
Charleston, South Carolina

As libraries become increasingly involved in creating and managing collections of digital content, they are more and more concerned with how to provide for efficient storage and retrieval of that content. Library and technology leaders are being asked to make technical and policy choices to ensure that their scholarly information assets will remain accessible over time. Because most library directors are not well prepared to make these decisions, they will need to work with their technology cohorts to ensure that service needs are met.

In February, CLIR offered a three-day workshop for library and information technology administrators who need in-depth information about the planning, purchase, implementation, and management of digital assets. The workshop, “Managing Digital Assets,” focused on the latest trends in digital-content management and on how small and midsize academic libraries can incorporate new approaches into their operations. It offered library and information managers tools to evaluate the alternatives now available and to begin to chart digital-asset management strategies for their institutions.

Reading List

The reading list offers selections-for both before and after the event-in the various topics and issues that will come up during the workshop.

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Speakers’ Presentations

Speakers’ notes and PowerPoint presentations for this meeting are available below in speaker alphabetical order. Not all presentations are available at this time.

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