Recipient Resources

Reporting form that corresponds with old application system

Reporting form that corresponds with new application system

Reporting Resources

  • Google Doc Template: Recipients may use this template to assist with collaborative writing on draft reports. If you are working with the Google Docs template, you will need to copy your final answer from each question into the official report form and submit your completed report by the deadline.
  • Digitization File Manifest Template: This template is also available in the online reporting form as well as the GoogleDoc Template. Instructions on completing the form are included in the template.
  • Recipient Informational Webinars: At the start of each grant cycle, CLIR schedules an informational webinar for Recordings at Risk recipients. Dates for upcoming webinars and a recording of the previous webinar can be found below:

CLIR’s Grants Team

Staff supporting the Recordings at Risk program include:

  • Program Officer Joy Banks, who handles day-to-day program communications, outreach, social media, and assessment;
  • Senior Program Officer Nicole Ferraiolo, who also contributes to project communications, social media, and outreach;
  • Program Administrator Kristen Blair, who manages all program-related data and systems and handles applicant inquiries;
  • Director of Research and Assessment Christa Williford  and Deputy to the President Amy Lucko, who oversee CLIR’s grant programs.

For all program-related inquiries, email

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Citing CLIR

CLIR has published Acknowledgment Guidelines grant recipients can follow when citing CLIR in publications, presentations, and other communications. Downloadable versions of CLIR’s logo can be found here; additional information can be found in CLIR’s Brandmark. If you have questions regarding forms of acknowledgment, contact CLIR’s Director of Communications Kathlin Smith at 202-939-4754, or