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Deanna Marcum Appointed to Library of Congress

subject: Deanna Marcum
CLIR President

CLIR Press Release:



For Immediate Release: June 17, 2003

Contact: Kathlin Smith 202-939-4754

Deanna Marcum Appointed to Library of Congress

The Board of the Council on Library and Information Resources announces that Dr. Deanna Marcum has been appointed the Associate Librarian of Congress and National Librarian, effective mid-August. She has served as President of CLIR since January 1, 1995.

Board Chairman Dr. Stanley Chodorow said, “Dr. Marcum is a leader in the international library community. She has brought CLIR to the forefront in research and action on topics of greatest importance to the future of libraries and the management of information.”

Under Dr. Marcum, CLIR has developed a wide range of programs and studies. Recent work has included surveys of information users on campus, of academic libraries’ preservation programs, and of economic models for sustaining cultural heritage institutions. During her tenure at CLIR, Dr. Marcum has helped launch the Digital Library Federation, which CLIR oversees, and the Frye Leadership Institute, of which she is codean, and which brings participants from the library, teaching, and IT communities to consider new, collaborative approaches to managing campus information resources. “Dr. Marcum has been a leader in developing innovative programs to improve preservation of and access to information resources worldwide,” said Dr. Chodorow.

The Board congratulates Dr. Marcum on her appointment to the Library of Congress, one of the most important libraries in the world.

The Board will appoint an interim president of CLIR and begin a search for a new president immediately.


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