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July 2014

Digital Preservation Meeting DP-2014

By Inna Kouper Last week, I attended the Digital Preservation 2014 meeting in Washington, DC. It is an amazing event that gathers researchers, practitioners, technologists, designers, artists,

A Kit for Hosting “Speaking in Code”

By Bethany Nowviskie This is a belated follow-up post to last autumn’s “How We Learned to Start/Stop Speaking in Code,” in which I described the motivation

Embracing Teamwork and the Limited-Term Initiative

By Elizabeth Waraksa In his 2012 article, “Embracing Hybridity: The Merged Organization, Alt/Ac and Higher Education,” CLIR Distinguished Presidential Fellow Elliott Shore urged library administrators

CLIR Issues Number 100

Number 100 • July/August 2014 ISSN 1944-7639 (online version) Contents On The 100th Edition of CLIR Issues Farewell Interview with Rachel Frick DLF Announces 2014

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