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2019 Mellon Fellows

Hilary Barker
University of Chicago
Encountering Antiquity in Renaissance Rome: the Social and Economic Origins of the Classicizing Style, 1400-1550

Colin Bos
Northwestern University
“The Science of Our Fathers”: Ifá Divination, Textuality, and Epistemic Change in Southwestern Nigeria, 1870-1950

Olivia Cacchione
Northwestern University
Hearing the Victorian Séance and its Reverberations in 20th-Century Media

Henry Clements
Yale University
Documenting Community: The Syriac Christians of the Ottoman Empire

Marlena Cravens**
The University of Texas at Austin
“Among Aliens Abroad”: Unruly Translation and the Making of a Transatlantic Spanish, 1492-1650

Matthew Foreman
Northwestern University
Science and Security: Constructing the Modern Chinese Citizen, 1900-1966

Anne Grasberger
Brown University
Spirits of the Sea: The Shipboard Faith of Sailors in the 19th-Century Atlantic World

Jasmin Howard
Michigan State University
North Carolina, Raise Up: Examining the Experiences, Historical Narratives and Commemoration of Student Activism at North Carolina Historically Black Colleges and Universities, 1950-1980

Clarissa Ibarra
University of California Berkeley
Revolutionary Experiments: Soviet-Cuban Exchange, 1959-1994

Carl Kubler
The University of Chicago
Barbarians on the Shore: Negotiating Global Trade and Everyday Life on the South China Coast, 1770–1853

Dana Landress
University of California, Berkeley
Diagnosing the South: Pellagra, Public Health, and the Political Economy of the Cotton South

Xiuyuan Mi
University of Pennsylvania
The Social Life of Chinese Poetry: Aesthetic Judgment and the Politics of Perception, 1050-1279

Sauda Nabukenya
University of Michigan
Pursuing Justice and Liberties: The High Court and Uganda’s Legal History, ca. 1900-1989

Catalina Ospina
University of Chicago
From Mouth to Hand: Mopa mopa images and the processes that configured the imaginary of the colonial Northern Andes

Paloma Rodrigo Gonzales
The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Elusive Evidence, Enduring Fluidity: The “Mongolian Spot” and the Corporeality of Race in the Andes

Anna Weerasinghe
Johns Hopkins University
Gender, Medicine, and Law in early modern Portuguese India

**CLIR/Library of Congress fellow

2018 Mellon Fellows

Jessica Bachman
University of Washington
Books Across Borders: Science, Cold War Culture, and Soviet Book Reading in Postcolonial India, 1954-1991

Carly Boxer
University of Chicago
It owiþ to be lokid: The Visual Culture of English Medicine, 1348 – 1450

Susan Eberhard
University of California at Berkeley
Marks of Exchange: American Silver, Chinese Silverwares and the Global Circulation of Value

Idriss Fofana
Columbia University
The “Chinese Solution” to the Labor Question in Africa: A Legal History of Chinese Labor Migration to the Congo Free State, 1860-1911

Qian He
University of Washington
Spectacular Antagonism: Class Struggle, Exposure, and Cinema as Show Trial in China, 1925-1985

Zhuqing Hu
University of Chicago
Music and Qing Imperial Formations (c. 1680-1820): Negotiating Historiography and Ethnography in Global Music History

Karin Mei Li Inouye
Stanford University
Performing Jiang Qing (1914-1991): gender politics in modern Chinese visual culture, film, theater, and literature

Adrienn Kacsor
Northwestern University
Migrant Communism: Hungarian Artists in the Service of Soviet Internationalism, 1919-1956

Mallory Matsumoto
Brown University
Sharing Script: The Transmission of Scribal Practice among the Classic Maya

Ania Nikulina
University of California, Riverside
Ukrainian Ballet: a Site of Conflict between Neo-Imperialism and Post-Soviet Nationalism

Eilin Perez
University of Chicago
The Half-Life of Sovereignty: North Korea and Solidarity Movements of the Global South, 1960- 1989

Ekaterina Pukhovaia
Princeton University
State-building in Early Modern Zaydi Yemen (15th – early 17th century)

Andrea Rosengarten
Northwestern University
Resistance and racial fluidity in colonial Namibia: the case of Nama ethnogenesis, c. 1820-1985

Andrew Starling
University of Pennsylvania
“Theological Quarrels and Wars of the Pen”: Jansenism, the Rise of Mass Media, and the Fall of the Old Regime

Antony Wood
New York University
The Problem of the Nation in an Age of Revolution: Transnational Radical Debates on Sovereignty, Race, and Class in Latin America, 1923–1934


2017 Mellon Fellows

Bench Ansfield
Born in Flames: Arson, Racial Capitalism, and the Reinsuring of the Bronx in the Late Twentieth Century
Yale University

Diane Oliva
Earthquakes in the Eighteenth-Century Musical Imagination
Harvard University

Eddie Bonilla
Debating the “Fronteras” and “Fanning the Flames”: Centro de Acción Social Autónomo, the August 29th Movement, and Chicano Marxism During the Chicana/o Movement, 1968-1990
Michigan State University

Halimat Somotan
The Making and Unmaking of a Capital City, Lagos and Post-colonial Nigeria, 1951-1976
Columbia University

Hazem Jamjoum
Capitalist Commodification and Cultural Hegemony: Music and Power in Egypt, 1903-1938
New York University

Hosung Shim
Central Asia’s Last Nomad Conquerors: The Zunghars between China, Russia, and Tibet
Indiana University Bloomington

Laura Quinton
Ballet Imperial: Dance and the Reinvention of the British State, c. 1945-70
New York University

Lucia Tang
Virtue Aesthetics: Ugliness and Female Exemplarity in Early and Medieval China
University of California at Berkeley

Marijana Misevic
Literacy and Multilingualism in the Early Modern Ottoman Balkans
Harvard University

Megan McDonie
Explosive Encounters: Volcanic Landscapes, Indigenous Knowledge, and Cultural Exchange in Early Modern Mesoamerica
Penn State University

Murad Mumtaz
Sufi Icons: Mapping an Unexplored Genre of Indian Devotional Painting
University of Virginia

Robert Franco
Revolution in the Sheets: The Intimate Politics of the Mexican Left, 1901-1981
Duke University

Sim Hinman Wan
Hybrid Architectural Import: Dutch and Chinese Philanthropic Establishments in the Seventeenth-Century Urbanization of Indonesia
University of Illinois at Chicago

Tara Tran
Hospitality Engendered: Women’s Bodies, Empire, and Humanitarianism in Cambodia, 1863-1954
Johns Hopkins University

William Bamber
Visual Transnationalism and the Spread of the Fez from Ottoman Turkey to South Asia, 1876-1908
University of Washington

Yi Lu
Socialist Pulp: Print and Information in Revolutionary China, 1940-1980
Harvard University

Yuting Dong
Empire on the Ground: Railway Towns and Urban Encounters in Japan’s Manchuria (1905-45)
Harvard University


2016 Mellon Fellows

Elham Bakhtary**
George Washington University
Amir Sher Ali’s Lithographic Challenge to the Wahhabi Movement

Alice Baumgartner
Yale University
Fugitives: The Underground Railroad to Mexico

Chelsea Berry
Georgetown University
Poisoned Relations: Medicine, Sorcery, and Poison Trials in the Greater Caribbean, 1690-1850

Eladio Bobadilla
Duke University
From “Wetback Invasion” to “One People without Borders”: Mexican Americans and Undocumented Immigrants, 1954-1994

Huiying Chen
University of Illinois at Chicago
Show Me the Way: Culture, Commerce, and Politics of the Road in Eighteenth Century China

Rebecca Egli
University of California, Davis
“The World of Our Dreams:” Agricultural Explorers and the Promise of American Science

Jennifer Gaugler
University of California, Berkeley
The Architecture of the Archive, the Museum, and the Heritage Site in Rwanda

Devon Golaszewski
Columbia University
Reproductive Labors: West African Reproductive Expertise and Biomedical Legibility

William Kelly
Rutgers University
Revolución es [Re]construir: Housing Reform in the Cuban Revolution, 1960-1989

Isidora Miranda
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tagalog Zarzuelas and Musical Nationalism in Early Twentieth-Century Manila, 1902 to 1935

Danya Pilgrim
Yale University
Gastronomic Alchemy: How Black Philadelphia Caterers Transformed Taste into Capital, 1790-1925

Caroline Radesky
University of Iowa
Feeling Historical: Same-sex Desire and the Politics of History, 1880-1920

Marian Smith
University of Michigan
Reconstructing a Timurid Cosmopolitanism: Abd Allah Hātifī’s Tīmūrnāmeh in the Cultural Production of Early Modern Eurasia

Rory Sykes
Northwestern University
“We Are All Fedayeen”: Palestinian National Identity and the Image Archive, 1967-1982

Kena Wani
Duke University
Communication Satellites and the Pursuit of Outer Space in Post-Colonial India, 1960-79

Rachel Welsh
New York University
Proof in the Body: Ordeal, Justice, and the Physical Manifestation of Truth in Medieval Iberia, c. 1050-1300

**Elham Bakhtary is the recipient of the CLIR/Library of Congress Mellon Dissertation Fellowship award.


2015 Mellon Fellows

Jessica Arnett
University of Minnesota
Between Empires and Frontiers: Alaska Native Sovereignty and U.S. Settler Imperialism

Tania Bhattacharyya
Columbia University
Bombay, 1839–1932: Empire, Space, and Orders of Belonging in an Indian Ocean Port City

Antawan Byrd
Northwestern University
Interferences: Sound, Technology, and the Politics of Listening in Afro-Atlantic Art

Lucia Carminati
University of Arizona
Būr Saʿīd/Port Said, 1859-1922: Migration, Urbanization, and Empire in an Egyptian and Mediterranean Port-City

Emilie Connolly
New York University
Indian Trust Funds and the Routes of American Capitalism, 1795–1865

Mackenzie Cooley
Stanford University
Engineering the Animal: Breeding and the Quest to Perfect the Renaissance Body, 1450–1600

Lara Fabian
University of Pennsylvania
Between East, West, and the Steppe: The South Caucasus as the Northeastern Roman Borderland

Diana Garvin 
Cornell University
All-Consuming: Food, Gender, and Power in Fascist Italy, 1922–1945

Elaine LaFay
University of Pennsylvania
Atmospheric Bodies: Medicine, Meteorology, and the Cultivation of Place in the Antebellum Gulf South

Jesse Lockard
The University of Chicago
A City Is Not a Picture: Yona Friedman, Megastructuralism and the Estrangement of Art and Architecture

Meekyung MacMurdie
University of Chicago
Geometric Medicine: Aniconism and Medieval Arab Painting

Ron Makleff
University of California, Berkeley
Monuments of Information: The Archives of State Formation in Northern Europe, c. 1380–1880

Chelsea Schields
The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Closer Ties: The Dutch Caribbean and the Aftermath of Empire, 1942–2012

Joohee Suh
Washington University in St. Louis
The Afterlife of Corpses: Dead Bodies, Ecology, and the Qing Culture of the Macabre in North China (1644–1911)

Andrew Welton
University of Florida
Forging Entanglements: The Spear in Early Medieval English Society


2014 Mellon Fellows

Oscar Aguirre-Mandujano
University of Washington
Captured by Writing: Literary Language and Political Culture in the Court of Bayezid II (r.1481-1512)

Elisabeth Burton
Harvard University
Genetic Nationalism: Ethnic Mythmaking and Human Biology Research in Iran, Turkey, and Israel

Samuel Fury Childs Daly
Columbia University
Forging Nigerian Citizenship: Law and Bureaucracy in the Biafra War, 1967-1970

Alexander Eastman
Washington University in St. Louis
Binding Freedom: Cuba’s Black Public Sphere, 1868-1912

Edward Falk
University of California, San Diego
‘Peaceful Conquest Through Education’: Missionary Education in Ottoman Syria

Devin McGeehan Muchmore
Yale University
“It’s All for Sale”: Erotic Entrepreneurs and the Moral Economies of Sexual Commerce in the Late-Twentieth Century United States

Stuart McManus
Harvard University
Globalizing Cicero: Humanist Eloquence in Early Modern European Empires

Emma Otheguy
New York University
Facing the Gallego: Indirect Creolization in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century Atlantic

Bernadette Perez
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Beets Better than Gold: Labor, Race, Nation, and the Politics of Belonging in the Development of Colorado Agribusiness

Michael Polczynski
Georgetown University
Antemurale Christianitatis, Memalik-i Mahruse: the “Bulwark of Christendom” and the “Well Protected Domains” of the early modern Polish-Lithuanian/Ottoman frontier

Paolo Savoia
Harvard University
Saving Faces: Surgery, Masculinity, and the History of the Human Face in Early Modern Italy

Amanda Scott
Washington University in St. Louis
The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550-1800

Kathleen Tahk
Northwestern University
A Revolution Beyond Borders: The Soviet Art of the Latvian Riflemen, 1917-1938

Lucy Traverse
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ectoplasmic Modernities: Materialization Photography at the Turn of the Century

Benjamin Weber
Harvard University
America’s Carceral Empire: Punishment, Work and Detention “at Home and Abroad”, 1865-1945

Elizabeth Woodward
University of Chicago
‘Le Roman de la Poire’: Constructing Courtliness and “Courtly” Art in Gothic France

Ahyoung Yoo
Ohio State University
‘We Are In Open Circuits:’ Technology, Globalization, and Contemporary Korean Art


2013 Mellon Fellows

Rhae Lynn Barnes
Harvard University
Darkology: The History of Amateur Blackface Minstrelsy and the Making of Modern America, 1860-1965

Stephanie Beck Cohen
Indiana University-Bloomington
Quilting, Collecting, and Curating Liberian National Identity 1893-1940

Poushali Bhadury
Department of English, University of Florida
Nationalism and Global Consciousness in Postcolonial Print Culture: Deb Sahitya Kutir and Bengali Children’s Publishing (1947-1964)

Elizabeth Cecil
Brown University
Mapping a Contested Landscape: Religion, Politics, and Place in the Making of Pashupata Identity

Elizabeth Cross
Harvard University
The Compagnie des Indes and the Fate of Commercial Empire in the French Revolution

Kathryn Dooley
Harvard University
Consumption as a Tool of Self-Fashioning and Sociability in Post-War Soviet Central Asia, 1945-1985

Emily Hainze
Columbia University
Women, Crime and Imprisonment in the United States, 1890-1935

Lisa Hollenbach
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Alternative Networks: Recording and Broadcasting American Poetry after 1950

Benjamin Holtzman
Brown University
The Logic of the Metropolis: Reshaping Real Estate and Public Space in New York, 1965-1995

Joana Konova
University of Chicago
Antiquity Remade: Aesthetics of Restoration and Display of Ancient Sculpture in Late Renaissance Rome

Hannah Marcus
Stanford University
Banned Books: Censorship and Scholarship in Late Renaissance Italy, 1559-1633

Caleb McCarthy
University of California, Santa Barbara
Christian Missions, Seminaries, and the Academic Study of Islam

Max Mishler
New York University
Boundaries of Freedom: Abolition, Punishment, and State Formation in the Atlantic World, 1780-1840

Julia Sittmann
George Washington University
Saddam’s Students: Young People and State Power in Ba’athist Iraq (1968-2003)

David Stenner
University of California, Davis
Networking for Independence: the Moroccan Nationalist Movement and Its Global Campaign Against Colonialism

Adam Thomas
University of California, Irvine
Racial Ambiguity and Citizenship in the Postemancipation British Caribbean and US

Lauren Tilton
Yale University
Through Local Eyes: The Community Film Movement


2012 Mellon Fellows

Elise Bonner
Princeton University
Sonic Culture and the Geographic Imagination: Italian Opera at Catherine II’s Court

Adam Boss
Brown University
Outsiders: The Limits of Urban Community in Late-Medieval France

William Brown
Johns Hopkins University
Les administrateurs de l’empire: Ambition, Expansion, and Mobility in the First French Empire, 1661-1715

Rebecca Herman
University of California, Berkeley
Strategies Under Construction:  Collaboration and Dissent at Pan Am’s World War II Airbase Development Sites in Cuba and Brazil, 1940-1961

Thomas Hooker
Harvard University
Friendship and Communism in Soviet Russia, 1921-1982

Jang Wook Huh
Columbia University
Black Radicalism in Korea: Overlapping Dispossessions in Afro-Korean Literary Networks, 1888-1959

Neelima Jeychandran
University of California, Los Angeles
Colonial Spaces, Postcolonial Memories: Constructing Heritage in India and Ghana

Seth LeJacq
Johns Hopkins University
“And What do You Know of the Body?”: Monitoring, Disciplining, and Caring for Sailors’ Bodies in the British Royal Navy, 1688-1783

Kara Moskowitz
Emory University
From Possibility to Postcolony: Decolonization and Development in Uasin Gishu, Kenya (1939-69)

Sylvia Mullins
Georgetown University
Holy Monstrosity: Sacred Oil in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Elizabeth Nelson
Indiana University
Timeknots: Madness, Psychiatry, and History in Belle Époque France

Kimberly Powers
University of Michigan
Articulations of Kazakh Muslimness: Marriage, Family, and Russian Imperial Authority in the Bukei Khanate, 1801-1898

Matthew Rarey
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Print Culture, Slavery, and the Performance of Power: Salvador da Bahia in Revolt, 1760-1840

Frederick Schenker
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Performing Empire: Filipino Jazz Musicians in 1920s Manila

Rafal Stepien
Columbia University
The Unity Between: Ways of Saying and Silence in Buddhism and Islam

Stephanie Stillo**
University of Kansas
Seville and the Cartographic Origins of the Early Modern Hispanic World

Mirela Tanta
University of Illinois at Chicago
State Propaganda or Sites of Resistance: Socialist Realism in Romania, 1945-1989

Zita Worley
University of California, Riverside
Forbidden Fruit: Drug Prohibition and Agrarianism in 20th-Century America and Beyond

**Stephanie Stillo is the recipient of the CLIR/Library of Congress Mellon Dissertation Fellowship award.


2011 Mellon Fellows

Matthew Amato
University of Southern California
Exposing Humanity: Slavery, Abolitionism, and Early Photography in America, 1839-1865

Nora Barakat
University of California, Berkeley
Rethinking the Modern: Animals, Pastoral Nomads and Property Relations in Late Ottoman Syria

Amy Brady**
University of Massachusetts Amherst
America’s Federal Theatre and the Proletarian Avant-Garde

Meaghan Brown
Florida State University
A “Good Report of England”: Composing Communities in Early Modern Print

Rowan Dorin
Harvard University
Expulsions of Merchants and Moneylenders in Western Europe, 1200-1450

Alice Goff
University of California, Berkeley
Museum Bodies: Creating Encounters with Art in the 18./19. Century German Public Museum

M. Scott Heerman
University of Maryland, College Park
“Nations of This Continent”: Slavery and the Making of the American Republic in the Mississippi Valley, 1750-1840

Philippa Hetherington
Harvard University
Victims of the Social Temperament: Prostitution, Migration and the Traffic in Women in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union, 1890-1928

Philip Johnston
Harvard University
Phoenician and Iberian Economic Interactions in the Orientalizing Period (8th-6th centuries BC)

Eugenia Kisin
New York University
Indigenous Sovereignties, Non-secular Modernities: The Market for Northwest Coast First Nations Art in British Columbia

Konstanze Kunst
University of Pennsylvania
To the Printshops in Prague! From the Printshops in Prague!: The Making and Mobility of Jewish Books within the Ashkenazi Landscape of Jewish Printing in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century

Melissa Lo
Harvard University
Representing, Not Resembling: Visual Transformations of Cartesian Physics in France and the Netherlands, 1637-1690

Anne Phillips
Duke University
Adulterous Wives and Murderous Husbands: Governance, Gendered Violence, and East Indian Indentureship in the British Atlantic, 1858 – 1917

Naomi Pitamber
University of California, Los Angeles
Re-Placing Byzantium: Laskarid Urban Environments and the Landscape of Loss (1204-1261)

Lena Suk
Emory University
Girls’ Night Out: Women, Movie-going, and Urbanism in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1920-1960

Gene Tempest
Yale University
Horse Power on the Western Front: The Mobilization, Deployment and Treatment of Horses in the German, French and British Armies, 1914-1934

**Amy Brady is the recipient of the CLIR/Library of Congress Mellon Dissertation Fellowship award.


2010 Mellon Fellows

Faiz Ahmed
University of California, Berkeley
A Rule of Law Project for Afghanistan: The Nizamnama Codes of Shah Amanullah and the Indo-Turkish Juridical Nexus, 1919-1929

Norah Andrews
Johns Hopkins University
Afromexican Royal Tribute and Emerging Ideas of Race, 1700-1810

Megan Barber
University of California, Santa Barbara
The Politics of Popular Protest in Vichy France

Juandrea Bates
University of Texas at Austin
Raising Argentina: Childhood, Family and Social Reproduction in Buenos Aires, 1871-1946

Jacob Baum
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sensory Perception, Religious Ritual and Reformation in Germany, 1450-1560

Roland Clark
University of Pittsburgh
The Legion of the Archangel Michael: Building a Fascist Community in Interwar Romania

Christine DeLucia
Yale University
The Memory Frontier: Making Past and Place in the Northeast after King Philip’s War

Rohit Goel
University of Chicago
War and Peace in Lebanon

Benjamin Graham
University of Michigan
Burning Demand for Olive Oil: the Olive Tree and its Environment in Early Medieval Italy

Philipp Lehmann
Harvard University
The German Encounter with the Desert, 1800-1950: A History of Exploration, Colonization, and Transformation

Amy Dunagin Morris
Yale University
The Reformation in Song: Sacred Musical Style and Competing Visions of Anglicanism in Elizabethan England

Pablo Palomino
University of California, Berkeley
Transnational Musical Networks in Latin America, 1910-1950

Kelly Summers
Stanford University
The Great Return: Reintegrating Émigrés in Republican France, 1794-1804

Samuel Thrope
University of California, Berkeley
Rabbinic Literature and Zoroastrian Anti-Judaism in the Shkand Gumanig Vizar


2009 Mellon Fellows

Daniel Berger
University of Pennsylvania
“We Are the Revolutionaries”: Visibility, Protest, and Racial Formation in 1970s Prison Radicalism

Lydia Brandt
University of Virginia
Reliving Mount Vernon: Replicas and Memory, 1893-1934

Jun Hee Cho
Columbia University
Court in the Market: The Burgundian Capital (Mechelen) during the reign of Charles the Bold, 1467-77.

Martin Gutmann
Maxwell School of Syracuse University
Fighting for the Nazi New Order: Neutral Elites in the Service of the German Waffen-SS

Robert Herr
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Puppets and Proselytizing: Politics and Nation-Building in Post-Revolutionary Mexico’s Didactic Theater

Kristine Hess
University of Chicago
Mount Sinai and the Monastery of Saint Catherine: Depicting ‘Place’ and ‘Space’ in Pilgrimage Art

Nicholas Johnson
The Ohio State University
Musica Caelestia: Hermetic Philosophy, Astronomy, and Music at the Court of Rudolf II

Erin Lambert
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Singing God’s Image: Rethinking Religious Difference Through Sixteenth-Century Visual and Musical Culture

Pedro Monaville
University of Michigan
Global 1968 in Kinshasa: From a Student Massacre to Ruins in a Postcolonial University

Lindsay Moore
George Washington University
Women at Law in England and the Chesapeake, 1630-1700

Virginia Myhaver
Boston University
The ‘New American Revolution’: Cultural Politics and the 1976 American Bicentennial

Daphna Oren-Magidor
Brown University
Dealing with Infertility in Early Modern England

Jamie Rosenthal
University of California, San Diego
Of Bonds and Bondage: Gender, Slavery, and Transatlantic Intimacies in the Eighteenth Century

Danielle Terrazas Williams
Duke University
Negotiating Colonial Hierarchies: Mulata Women with Wealth in Seventeenth-Century Central Veracruz

Jaime Wadowiec
Binghamton University
The Afterlives of Empire: Immigration and the Politics of Difference in Decolonized France, 1962-1974

Kimberly Welch
University of Maryland, College Park
Subordinate Southerners and the Local Legal Culture in the Old South


2008 Mellon Fellows

Alex Borucki
Emory University
From Shipmates to Soldiers: Emerging Black Identities in Montevideo, 1770-1850

Simonetta Marin
University of Miami
The Reform of Popular Piety in the Closing Years of the Venetian Republic

Noah Millstone
Stanford University
Manuscript Separates and the Culture of Political Opposition in England, 1615-1640

Tracy Neumann
New York University
The Urban History of Deindustrialization: Pittsburgh and Hamilton, Ontario

Lata Parwani
Tufts University
Sindhis Between Region, Religion and Nation

Martin Renner
University of California, Santa Cruz
From Sun to Soil to Stomach: The Intellectual History of a Forgotten Link Between Ecology, Agronomy, and Nutrition, 1920-60

Kellie Warren
Tulane University
Pan-American Modernism

Alice Wolfram
Yale University
The Making of the Middle-Class Family: Property, Inheritance and the Urban Family Economy in the British Atlantic World, c. 1670-1780

Winnie Wong
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
After the Copy: China, Dafen Village, and the Hand-Painted Art Product


2007 Mellon Fellows

Ahlman, Jeffrey
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rebuilding the Pan-African Bridge: Kwame Nkrumah, the Algerian Revolution, and the Decolonization of Africa, 1954-66

Amsterdam, Daniel
University of Pennsylvania
The Roaring Metropolis:  The 1920s and the Making of the American Public Sector

Broadwell, Peter
University of California, Los Angeles
Musical Depictions of Pirates and Bandits in British Culture, 1650-1900

Domingues de Silva, Daniel
Emory University
Crossroads – Slave Frontiers of Angola, c. 1780-1864

Hunter, David
University of Maryland, College Park
Jim Crow Goes Abroad: Race and the American Nation during World War II

Johnson, Rebecca
Yale University
Oriental and Occidental Tales: A History of the Novel in Translation

Kashanipour, Ryan
University of Arizona
A World of Cures: Spanish and Indigenous Healing in the Atlantic World, 16th – 18th Centuries

Lopez-Duran, Fabiola
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eugenics in the Garden: Architecture, Medicine, and Landscape from France to Latin America in the Early Twentieth Century

Mongey, Vanessa
University of Pennsylvania
The Cosmopolitan Republics: The Gulf of Mexico between 1783-1836

Styer, Catherine
University of Pennsylvania
This Christian and Charitable Work: Barbary Pirates, Slave Redemption, and the Formation of British Atlantic Identities, 1600-1776

Tran, Nu-Anh
University of California, Berkeley
Contested Identities: Nationalism in the Republic of Vietnam, 1954-1975

Tsultem, Uranchimeg
University of California, Berkley
Urga: Nomadic City of the Mongols

Webel, Mari
Columbia University
Locating the Laboratory: German Tropical Medicine and Sleeping Sickness Research in East Africa 1898-1914


2006 Mellon Fellows

Toufoul Abou-Hodeib
University of Chicago
Private Modernities: Beirut Homes on the Eve of Nationalism

Allison Abra
University of Michigan
Public Dancing and the People’s War in Britain, 1939-1945

Hieu V. Ho
Temple University
Village Histories: Social and Political Change in Rural Central Vietnam

Iza Hussin
University of Washington
The Making of Islamic Law: Local Elites and Colonial Authority in Malaya

Riyaz Latif
University of Minnesota
Toward the Meaning of Marinid Madrasa: Study of Documentary Sources

Jonathan Levy
University of Chicago
The Ways of Providence: Risk and Freedom in America, 1830-1910

Clifford Murphy
Brown University
That Old Mill: A History of Country Music in New England, 1925-present

Jose Emmanuel Raymundo
Yale University
From the Symptoms to the Lesions: Leprosy, Democratic Citizenship and Nation Building in the Philippines

Sarah Waheed
Tufts University
The Scenic Obscenities of Sa’adat Hasan Manto: Urdu Literary and Popular Cultures 1870-1955

Man Xu
Columbia University
Places and Objects: Interpreting Women’s Space in Fujian and Jiangxi during the Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Joshua Yumibe
University of Chicago
The Intermedial Aesthetics of Applied Color Technologies in Silent Cinema


2005 Mellon Fellows

Kevin Bartig
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Composing for the Red Screen: Sergei Prokofiev’s Film Scores

Ellen Boucher
Columbia University
An Imperial Investment: British Child Emigration to Australia and Southern Rhodesia, 1900-1967

Vanesa Casanova-Fernandez
Georgetown University
Of Moors and Men: The Construction of Masculinities on the Spanish-Moroccan Frontier, Ceuta 1640-1799

Zeynep Celik bei Opitz
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kinaesthetic Impulses: Space, Performance, and the Body in German Architecture, 1870-1918

Hallie Franks
Harvard University
Imaging Power: Royal Ideology for the Rise of Macedon

Carolina Giraldo Botero
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Excess in Baroque Lima and Santa Fe de Bogota: A History of Crime, Ecstasy, and Disease in the New World

Sarah Hamill
University of California, Berkeley
Sculpture’s Frame: On the Photography of David Smith, 1931-1965

Laura Anne Kalba
University of Southern California
The Abstract in Everyday Life: The Production, Diffusion, and Reception of Color in Nineteenth Century Paris

Loretta Kim
Harvard University
Migration, Commemoration, and Sibe Identity

Andrew Manson
Columbia University
Architecture, Archaeology and Urbanism in ‘La Grande Roma’: The Via dell’Impero and the Palazzo del Littorio Competition

Maximilian Owre
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
United in Divisions: National Identity in Bourbon Restoration France (1814-1830)

Dassia N. Posner
Tufts University
The Fantastical and the Grotesque: Hoffmanniana in Russian Silver-Age Theatre, 1905-1925

Lindsay Weiss
Columbia University
Toward an Archaeology of Apartheid: the Origins of Segregation in the Diamond Fields of Kimberley, South Africa

Susie Woo
Yale University
Remembering the Forgotten War: Orphans and Brides of the Korean War


2004 Mellon Fellows

Kaveh Askari
University of Chicago
American Cinema and the Pictorial Tradition 1894-1918

Prateeti Ballal
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Discipling the Nations: Religion and Colonial Intervention in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century India

Monica Black
University of Virginia
Life After Death in Three Berlins: A Comparative History of Death in War and Peacetime, 1945-1955

Samuel Breene
Duke University
Mozart’s Violin Sonatas and Gestures of Embodiment: Toward a New Model of Performance Practice

Meghan Callahan
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
The Politics of Architecture: Suor Domenica da Paradiso and Her Convent of La Crocetta in Post-Savonarolan Florence

Katarzyna Grochowska
University of Chicago
Music Life of the Convent of St. Clare at Stary Sacz, 1280-1450

Michelle King
University of California, Berkeley
Infanticide as an Object of Knowledge in China, Late 19th-Early 20th Century

Abel López
University of Maryland
‘In the Middle of the Mess’: The Formation of Middle-Class Identities in Colombia, 1920-1950

Sarah Miller
University of Chicago
Inventing ‘Documentary’ in American Photography, 1930-1945

Anna Taylor
University of Texas at Austin
Carolingian Verse Saints’ Lives: Education, Patronage and Monastic Memory

Ioanna Theocharopoulou
Columbia University
Modern Architecture and Modern Life: Informal Urbanization in Postwar Athens (1949-1974)


2003 Mellon Fellows

Sarah Abramowicz
Columbia University
English Child Custody Law and the Victorian Novel

Alan Barenberg
University of Chicago
From Prisoners to Miners: A Social History of Vorkuta, 1943-1964

Kate Bartel
Portal of the Skies: Music as Devotional Act in Early Modern Europe

Kathryn Clippinger
Cornell University
Comparative Family Ethnicity on the New York Borderlands, 1680-1800

Rebecca Davis
Yale University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
For Better or for Worse: Marriage Counseling, Gender, and Sexual Politics in the United States, 1945-1980

Lester Feder
University of California, Los Angeles
Making Whiteness Sound: Country Music and the Racial Imagination in 20th Century America

Maria Lane
University of Texas at Austin
Geographic Representations of the Planet Mars, 1867-1907

Helen Lennon
Yale University
Creating A Witness: Film as Evidence in International War Crimes Tribunals

Lisa Mahoney
Johns Hopkins University
Re-presenting the Past: The Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César in the Context of the Crusades

Jasmine Mir
New York University
Marketplace of Desire: Contested Space, Tourism, and Constructions of Sexual Deviance’ in New Orleans, 1880-1920

William Nelson
University of California Los Angeles
‘The Weapon of Time’: Constructing the Future in France, 1760-1800

Anthony Raynsford
University of Chicago
Sites of Lost Dwelling: The Figure of the Archaic City in the Discourses of Urban Design, 1940-70

Yektan Turkyilmaz
Duke University
Imagining ‘Turkey,’ Creating a Nation: The Politics of Geography and State Formation in Eastern Anatolia, 1908-1938


2002 Mellon Fellows

Sinan Antoon
Harvard University
The Poetics of the Obscene: Ibn al-Hajjah and Sukhf

Christiane Gruber
University of Pennsylvania
Heavenly Journeys and the Imaginary: Depictions of Muhammad’s Mi’raj in Medieval Islamic Manuscripts (14th-17th centuries)

Angela Herren
CUNY Graduate Center
Portraying the Aztec Past: 16th-C. Pictorial Accounts of Origin

Drew Hopkins
Columbia University
Social History of Paper Production and Commerce in Western Fujian, China

Brenda Foley
Brown University
Image as Identity: Beauty Contestants and Exotic Dancers as ‘Merchants of Morality’

Susan Pearson
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
‘The Rights of the Defenseless’: Animals, Children, and the Rhetoric of Rights in American Reform, 1865-1930

Alisha Rankin
Harvard University
Women’s Domestic Medicine in Sixteenth-Century Germany: The Case of Elisabeth von Rochlitz

Maria Rose
New York University
L’Art de Bien Chanter and the Early French Piano Style: 1780-1820

Natalie Rothman
University of Michigan
Occidentalizing Venice: ‘Cultural heritage’ and the production of History at the Venice and the Orient Institute

Paula Saunders
University of Texas at Austin
Free and Enslaved African Communities in Colonial Jamaica, 1780-1834

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