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Appendix II – continued (Figures 1-11)

Prepared by John Chadwick, John H. Falk, and Brigitte O’Ryan for the Council on Library and Information Resources

Figure 1. Number of responses from each of the participating institutions

Figure 1

Figure 2. Percent of respondents by gender

Figure 2

Figure 3. Why are you visiting this Web site today?

Figure 3

Figure 4. What is most important about the information at this Web site?

Figure 4

Figure 5. Total number of respondents who indicated how likely they would visit the physical site

Figure 5

Figure 6. Where respondents said they were physically located relative to the site they were visiting

Figure 6

Figure 7. How online visitors found the Web site

Figure 7

Figure 8. Aggregate of responses of users rating the reliability and trustworthiness of the sites they were visiting

Figure 8

Figure 9. Ranking of importance for e-mail contact by all respondents

Figure 9

Figure 10. Overall user satisfaction with Web sites

Figure 10

Figure 11. Overall user rating of Web sites meeting expectations

Figure 11


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