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Enabling Access in Digital Libraries

Enabling Access in Digital Libraries

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A Report on a Workshop on Access Management

by Caroline Arms
February 1999



Executive Summary


Summary of the Day's Activities

Opening Statements

Invited Presentations

Discussion of Scenarios

Appendix A: Workshop Participants
Appendix B: Suggested Readings
Appendix C: Legislative Update
Appendix D: Definitions


The Digital Library Federation


On May 1, 1995, 16 institutions created the Digital Library Federation (additional partners have since joined the original 16). The DLF partners have committed themselves to "bring together—from across the nation and beyond—digitized materials that will be made accessible to students, scholars, and citizens everywhere." If they are to succeed in reaching their goals, all DLF participants realize that they must act quickly to build the infrastructure and the institutional capacity to sustain digital libraries. In support of DLF participants' efforts to these ends, DLF launched this publication series in 1999 to highlight and disseminate critical work.

Digital Library Federation

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