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No. 152

March - April 2023

Headshot of Charles Henry in the style of a painting

A Message From the President

By Charles Henry

The heart of our humanity is storytelling. It is fundamental to understanding our place in the world. It helps us navigate our lives and, at its best, describes aspects of our nature that would otherwise be fleeting and fragmented. Storytelling evolves with us, subject to our perceptions, culture, and individual experience. Our stories—the very good ones—breathe as we breathe, and sometimes expire. Often, they nurture new understanding, which eventually finds its home in a revelatory recounting.  Little surprise, then, that controversies sometimes also attend particular stories.

Four Questions with Chad Williams

In this audio Q&A, Williams discusses his groundbreaking archival discovery, the significance of Du Bois’ manuscript in shaping our understanding of American history, and the profound insights it offers into the ongoing struggle for civil rights and social justice in America.

Chad Williams' headshot
Color photo of Charlotte Nunes seated in front of bookcase.

Where Are They Now? Tracking the Accomplishments of CLIR Postdoctoral Fellows

This edition’s focus is on Charlotte Nunes, who served as a CLIR postdoctoral fellow between 2014 to 2016. Nunes was recently appointed as the Dean of Libraries at Lafayette College, having previously served as Interim Dean and Director of Digital Scholarship Services.

Accessibility by Design: How to Make Information Open to All

By Erin O’Donnell

CLIR staff members traveled to Princeton University in March for our affiliate Code4Lib’s annual conference. It was exciting to see former CLIR postdoc supervisors, publications reviewers, and other colleagues in person at the three-day annual event for “technologists … who largely work for and with libraries, archives, and museums.” We joined in discussing topics like accessibility, representative metadata, and how JSTOR succeeded in “breaking into prison.”

Headshot of Erin O'Donnell in artistic style

Updates from Our Affiliates

Check out news and updates about the important work our affiliates are doing.

CLIR & DLF Job Board

The CLIR and DLF job board is a resource for employers and job seekers in the fields of libraries, archives, cultural institutions, and communities of higher learning. CLIR sponsors and DLF members post for free!

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