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DLF Dive Feb 2024

Jan-March 2024

The DLF Dive

In this edition of the DLF Dive, we bring you a snapshot of the latest happenings and noteworthy initiatives within our vibrant community. From community voting to exciting virtual and in-person events, the Digital Library Federation is buzzing with activity.

DLF Forum News

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New Publication by the Digital Accessibility Working Group

The Digital Library Accessibility Policy and Practice Guidelines: A Guide by the DLF Digital Accessibility Working Group was released in October 2023. 

This document was developed to help Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) institutions work to adopt accessibility best practices in their digital libraries by implementing an accessibility policy. It will support GLAM workers in overcoming challenges, advocating, and gaining buy-in and support, and will provide resources for developing an accessibility policy with strategies to achieve assigned responsibilities.

Download your free copy today!

DLF Digest

  • See what’s happening at DLF this month on the March DLF Digest, a round-up of news, upcoming working group meetings and events, and program updates. 

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