Re: Thinking

“Re-Skilling” Resolutions for the New Year

By Christa Williford As we enter the season of self-improvement, I’ve been reminded of a stimulating discussion from this fall’s THATCamp Digital Humanities and Libraries, held

A Genuine Logjam

By Charles Henry Fourth in the Beveled Mirrors Series We are accustomed to using the term logjam as a metaphor for any number of clogged and dysfunctional circumstances.

The Bright Side of Competition

By Molly Schwartz This past August, I attended the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions(IFLA)2012 World Congressin Helsinki, Finland, as CLIR’s Rovelstad scholar. At this exhilarating

A Most Ancient Symmetry Abandoned

By Charles Henry Third in the Beveled Mirrors Series In a recent blog I wrote about Stonehenge and Newgrange, megaliths in Britain and Ireland whose construction

Framing the Sun

By Charles Henry Second in the Beveled Mirrors Series Today the most prominent interpretation of Stonehenge argues that it was an astronomical observatory. The tall brackets

Beveled Mirrors

By Charles Henry As discussed in an earlier blog, new digital projects have begun to flourish within higher education that, if successful, will create genuine interdependencies:

Leading Change: What’s in a Name?

By Joanne Kossuth The question is often asked, “What is in a name, anyway?” The answer, when it comes to the newly titled EDUCAUSE/CLIR Leading

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