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Articles, Papers, Presentations, and Proceedings

The following is a list of significant papers, presentations, and articles that pertain to CLIR’s agenda.


Assessment 360: Mapping Undergraduates and the Library at the University of Connecticut. Click to read the executive summary or the full report (both in .pdf format). By Susanna M. Cowan. March 2012.


CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2011.
“Collaborative Opportunities Amidst Economic Pressures.” April 6, 2011.


DLF Fall Forum 2010. November 1 – 3, Palo Alto, California. This link will take you to the DLF website where forum material can be found.

Working for Freedom: Documenting the Civil Rights Movement [MP3 recorded file]. Presentation August 14, 2010 at ARCHIVES*RECORDS/DC 2010 (Joint Annual Meeting of CoSA, NAGARA, and SAA) by Cheryl Oestreicher, Courtney E. Chartier, Christopher Harter, and Sarah Quigley.

A Distant Symmetry. Final Report: U.S. Intelligence Community Tools, August 8, 2010. By Amelia Acker and Katie Shilton.
(Appendix 2, Intelligence Community Map, is in large format and is available separately here).

Global Digital Libraries Collaborative. Linked Data (RDF) Workshop. British Library. May 27-28, 2010


CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2009. “A Virtual Compass: Digital Technology and Resources as an Impetus for Change in Higher Education.”
December 16, 2009

Global Digital Libraries Collaborative. Inaugural Conference. International Digital Library R&D Meeting. Stanford University, November 29-December 1, 2009.

The Future of Digital Scholarship: Preparation, Training, Curricula. Final Report: November 13, 2009. By Connie Moon Sehat and Erika Farr.

Supporting Digital Tools for Humanists: Investigating Tool Infrastructure. Final Report: May 15, 2009. By Katie Shilton.

New Directions in Digital Humanities Scholarship symposium Feb. 26-27, 2009, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Cosponsored by CLIR, the University of Illinois Library, the Illinois Informatics Institute, Department of History at the University of Illinois, and Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities.

Archival Management Software: A Report for the Council on Library and Information Resources. By Lisa Spiro. January, 2009.


CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2008. “Emerging Fields of Study: New Research, Environments, and Credentials.” December 10, 2008.

Digits and Dreams: Scholarship and Computing in the Age of Abundance (PDF download). By Amy Friedlander. Paper presented at Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, Ireland, 23 September 2008. Revised 2 December 2008.

Promoting Digital Scholarship: Formulating Research Challenges in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Computation (CLIR/NEH symposium). September 15, 2008.

Head in the Clouds and Boots on the Ground: Science, Cyberinfrastructure and CLIR (PDF download). By Amy Friedlander. Paper presented at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Nonoichi-machi, Ishikawa, Japan, July 2008.

The Seamless Cyberinfrastructure: the Challenges of Studying Users of Mass Digitization and Institutional Repositories (PDF download). By Dawn Schmitz. April, 2008.

Core Functions of the Research Library in the 21st Century. February 27, 2008.


CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2007. The Architecture of Knowledge: How Research Programs and New Courses are Built. December 12, 2007.

Promoting Digital Scholarship: Building the Environment. November 28, 2007.


Mid-Career Library Leadership Training (2006). November 6, 2006

CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2006 (fiftieth anniversary). April 7, 2006.

Surveying the E-Journal Preservation Landscape. By Anne R. Kenney, Cornell University Library. March, 2006.

Measurement and Evaluation of Analog-to-Digital Converters Used in the Long-Term Preservation of Audio Recordings. By Ken C. Pohlmann, University of Miami, March, 2006.


Managing Digital Assets: Strategic Issues for Research Libraries. October 28, 2005

CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2005. April 18, 2005.

Managing Digital Assets: A Primer for Library and Information Technology Administrators. February 4-6, 2005.


Image Retrieval Benchmark Database Service: A Needs Assessment and Preliminary Development Plan. By Jennifer Trant, Archives and Museum Informatics. November, 2004.

CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2004. April 13, 2004.


CLIR Annual Sponsors’ Symposium 2003. March 28, 2003.

Requirements for the Future Digital Library. An address by Deanna Marcum to the Elsevier Digital Libraries Symposium, Philadelphia, PA, 25 January 2003.


Digital Imaging and Preservation Microfilm: the Future of the Hybrid Approach for the Preservation of Brittle Books, a research project.

Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Information by Jeff Rothenberg. In this article, Jeff Rothenberg discusses the fragile nature of digitally recorded information and the numerous factors, technological and otherwise, that must be addressed if we are to ensure the continued accessibility of this information over time. The article is an expanded version of the article “Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Documents” that appeared in the January 1995 edition of Scientific American (Vol. 272, Number 1, pp.42-7). This file is in .pdf format.

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